Everyone Take a Xanax

The readings made me realize that if people spent less time freaking out over new technological advances and more time actually learning about how these things might be able to benefit them, doctors would have to write fewer Xanax prescriptions. People need to stop assuming every new iPhone app will bring on the end of the world. Who cares anyway? Death can’t be any harder than life. You will NOT experience anything more draining, aggravating and humiliating than life. So lets all die already! (I’m kidding. But seriously.) (Don’t show this to my parents.)

In the first article, which was more like an imageless comic, it cleverly displays how humans have had the same thought pattern towards technology since at least 1871, which is where the comic starts. To be honest, it was exhausting to read through. By 1890 I was rolling my eyes. I get it. Change scares people.

The New Yorker article, which referenced the Harry Potter series, aggravated me only because I never questioned the wizarding worlds method of storing information. Modern technology was rendered useless when it passed through the “invisible vortex” into Harry Potter land, which explained the archaic methods of researching (and all the freaking books!).  Walkmen and iPads would explode upon entry. I encourage anyone confused by their methods to revisit the Harry Potter series. I also determined from the article that I’m an Ever-Waser, but more cynical and gloomy.

Basically, I think the “new” part of WNM is the fact that we’re kind of reinventing the English language and tailoring it to better fit our more hectic and fast-paced lifestyles. #JustinBeiber4life would look like gibberish to someone in 1990. The fact that that string of letters and numbers actually MEANS something that most people can comprehend in 2014 is kind of cool. Many people think that tech is making us dumber, and if used improperly, I believe it can, but I actually think that the way technology requires us to learn how to navigate through weird websites and decipher new acronyms at the drop of a hat, in a strange way, is strengthening our problem solving skills without us even realizing it.

I probably just sound crazy.

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